18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 22,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Features

Model: DA1815-H2

DC Inverter Compressor
Golden fin anti-corrosive condenser
HEPA filter included
LED dispay
Exceptionally Quiet Operation
Low ambient operation
Refrigerant leak detection
Smart Air Flow
2 direction air vane technology
Built-in electronic diagnostic
Outdoor pan heater
Self cleaning
Louver position memory and much more... 


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  • Golden fin anti-corrosive condenser: the golden hydrophilic condenser improves the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process, the unique anti-corrosive golden coating on the condenser also aids in withstanding the effects of salty air, rain and other corrosive elements by allowing contaminated water on the coil to run off more quickly reducing the corrosive effect to the coil, heat exchange performance is much longer lasting
  • Low ambient operation: a special built-in low ambient kit can be used in temperatures as low as 5°F for cooling operation, useful for users who need to maintain cooling during winter
  • Refrigerant leak detection: with this new technology the system will alarm when a refrigerant leak is detected
  • Follow me feature: by pressing the ‘follow me’ button and keeping the remote close to you, you tell the air conditioner to set the temperature from wherever the remote happens to be, this counteracts the tendency for the air conditioner to stop cooling or heating because the air around the unit has reached its set temperature (switches off after period of inactivity to preserve battery life)
  • HEPA filter included (1): a HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter; it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke
  • Two direction air vane technology: in cooling mode the air vane opens counter clockwise to direct the air horizontally, allowing for an even cooling effect, in heating mode the air vane opens clockwise directing the air downwards, this time for an even heating effect
  • Built-in electronic diagnostic: monitoring some abnormal operations or parts failures, microcomputer of the air conditioner will switch off and protect the system automatically; meanwhile, the error or protection code will be displayed on the indoor unit
  • Outdoor pan heater: a heating belt is fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit to avoid accumulation of rain, snow or water on the base plate
  • Dual washable filters: a good air conditioner should not only take care of the temperature in your home but also the quality of the air you breathe, the system aids in removing most of the pollen dust, smoke and other microscopic airborne particles that by latest thinking contribute to respiratory problems like asthma and hay fever
  • Self cleaning: by pressing clean on the remote control automatically cleans the evaporator to aid in reducing build-up of bacteria and keep the air fresh
  • Sleep mode: in sleep mode, the unit automatically decreases the heating or increases the cooling by 1° per hour for the first 2 hours of use, then holds the temperature steady for 5 hours before ceasing operation
  • Low noise airflow system: without decreasing the airflow volume and capacity output, large diameter cross flow fan can bring down the indoor unit noise level by lowering the fan speed
  • Anti cold draft: if the unit is turn on in heat mode when the ambient temperature is low it will warm up prior to fan operation to prevent cold air in heating mode to make people feel more comfortable
  • Louver position memory: the set louver position is stored in memory by the microcomputer, and the louver returns to the stored position when the next operation is performed
  • Turbo mode: this function enables the unit to reach the preset temperature in the shortest time

Power supply (V/hz)












Dehumidification (Pts/hr)


Current (A) Cooling




Power Input (W) Cooling




Indoor Air Circulation:
L / M / H (CFM)


Indoor Noise level dB(A): L / M / H


Outdoor Noise Level dB(A)

~ 59

Connection Method


Max Pipe Length (Ft)


Max Elevation (Ft)


Pipe Size

1/4" / 1.2"

Indoor Dimensions
W x D x H (In.)

35.6 X 7.8 X 10.8 

Indoor Package Dimensions
W x D x H (In.)

38.2 X 10.6 X 13.6 

Indoor Net Weight (lbs.)


Indoor Gross Weight (lbs.)


Outdoor Dimensions
W x D x H (In.)

29.9 X 11.2 X 23.2

Outdoor Package Dimensions
W x D x H (In.)

34.9 X 14.0 X 25.4

Outdoor Net Weight (lbs.)


Outdoor Gross Weight (lbs.)