The Benefits for using ductless systems is vast and practical for numerous potential applications.  While many homeowners are finding mini splits as a very viable option for their needs, it doesn’t stop there!  It is a great option for lodging facilities, multi-family units, institutional and office buildings and so much more.

Some Applications, among others, are retrofit add-ons to houses that were heated originally without the use of ductwork, such as hydronic (hot water) heat, radiator panels and various types of space heaters.  They are an excellent option for room additions, bonus rooms over the garage, sunrooms, small apartments, open floor plan rooms, garages, workshops, recreation rooms, home theaters, flex-rooms, etc.  The application of mini splits is a good choice anywhere extending or installing distribution ductwork is not feasible or economical or where a consumer simply needs supplemental heating and cooling.

In addition to the vast array of applications, they are extremely economical and easy to use with remote control technology.   When installed by a trained HVAC contractor, most installations can be handled in a few hours.

Health and Safety:  The absence of ductwork is appealing to many that suffer from allergies eliminating the need for regular ductwork cleaning and improves indoor air quality.

As another aspect of health and safety, mini split units are much less invasive than some room air conditioners and heating units as they do not provide a large entry point for intruders.  The installation and placement of DuctlessAire mini splits are not limited to one level living as they can easily be mounted on multi-level floors with the use of mounting brackets. 

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