DuctlessAire is about giving consumers new and improved choices within the HVAC industry.  Our innovative DuctlessAire Mini Split Heating and Cooling Systems provide an amazingly high quality, quiet, energy efficient method for heating and cooling comfort without the need of ductwork. 

Our attention and emphasis is on the consumer’s comfort and needs.  Beyond comfort, it is important that we also provide products that are energy efficient and high quality backed by our superior warranty.  

New age thinking and technological advances are paving the way to give consumers more leverage and options for their home and office heating and cooling comfort.  The voice of consumers everywhere clearly relays their need for healthier, cleaner air products, their concern for the environment and their need for energy efficient systems without sacrificing quality and service.  This voice is driving technology to a higher standard and raising the bar in the heating and cooling industry.  Nations abroad have embraced ductless systems for many years and now it is becoming a mainstream necessity of consumers all over the United States as they learn more about the value and application versatility for this technology.

We, at DuctlessAire, are committed and ready to meet this challenge by staying in tune with the ever changing consumer needs and keeping our systems and products aligned with cutting edge technology within our product lines.

DuctlessAire Background and Product Focus:

DuctlessAire opened our doors with a long history of Heating and Air Condition experienced business partners.  Our business is an expansion of over 30 years combined knowledge and incorporates years of central and ductless product sales & experience.  Today, our company’s main focus is on DuctlessAire Mini Split systems and installation components that are backed by our product and service satisfaction warranty. 

Accessory Products:   In addition to DuctlessAire Mini Split Heating and Cooling Systems, we also provide a large inventory of accessory products for ductless installation and maintenance.  This inventory includes, but not limited to, complete installation kits, wall mount brackets, mini split line sets, PVC tubing covers.  In consistent with our goals for your satisfaction, if we don’t have an accessory or maintenance product you need, we will do our best to get it added to our inventory for you.  We are located in Columbia, South Carolina, servicing consumers all over the United States.  We look forward to earning your business and referrals!

DuctlessAireQuality You Can Trust Comfort You Can Feel!